Marlene studied Social Work and worked in this profession for 5 years, before becoming a full-time mom for a few years. She then changed her career by moving into the field of marketing and fund development. She was Provincial Director for the Cancer Association of SA, joined Radio Pulpit as Senior Manager Marketing and Business Development and was then approached to become the CEO of POPUP for close to 10 years.

She fulfilled the position of Executive Director Strategic Fund Development and Communication and a director of the City Changers Foundation since January 2015. Her responsibilities range from strategic fund development, networking, building relationships and nurturing these relationships with POPUP as the main beneficiary. She was the Forum Leader of 8 children homes within the Doxa Deo Church.

With her firm believe in the strength of partnerships with the aim to advance the Kingdom of God, the company 4 Such a Time Consulting Services was envisioned and formalised on 3 June 2020.

Marlene’s passion in life is to live a life of meaning and significance.


Boards of Directors:

Global Village Worker:  Current

INANI NPC: 2019 - 2020

Radio Pulpit (radio station): 13 March 2012 - current

Rise Above Development NPC: 30 Julie 2018 - current

POPUP Upliftment: Jan 2000 - current

City Changers Foundation: 2013 -2018

Blueprint Consortium: 2018 - Jan 2020